Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Get Ready For It ... My Biggest Liquidation Sale EVER

Here we go! I told you it was gonna happen - and now it's happening! 


I wish that I could put all the sordid details of why this has to happen online, but it doesn't seem like a good idea until that is all solid and final. What I will say is this: for the last 3-years, since leaving the house that many of you knew as CDLV, I have been renting, waiting to find the perfect home to buy, renovate, and turn into my very own.

I've done some great things in the apartments I've been in over the years, but nothing compares to the amount of real self-expression you can put into the walls between bricks you actually own! I've been searching for houses for the last few years, each of them interesting in their own way, but never really finding anything that just reached out and grabbed me.

At the end of October 2017, I finally took the plunge, and starting making steps toward getting a new place that I'll get to call my very own. It's a process, things like this usually are, but there were a few decisions that I made leading up to getting the keys and making the move (hopefully no later than November 2018) which involved selling nearly all the things I own.

Why? Two reasons: (1) Money. That's a simple answer. Money in the bank, and no debt makes home purchasing MUCH MUCH MUCH easier! (2) I would like to start over without having to fit things in. I want to look at the new place as a fresh start, and a blank canvas. As silly as it sounds - I want that house to speak to me, without having to suffer through existing pieces.

Therefore, I'm taking the big plunge, and I'm getting rid of it. Now, you can refer to the last paragraph if you need to, but this is not a fire sale. I love you all, I really do! But these things are not going to be as inexpensive as some things in the past have been. Why? Two reasons: (1) They're worth more! This is not cheap stuff. (2) You're not just buying a item, you're helping me with the future.


The sale will last for 2-weeks, or until everything has sold. Anything that hasn't sold will be held, and re-listed a little later in 2018. My extensive collections of original black and white art, (some colorful stuff, too!) blue and white Chinoiserie porcelains, design and coffee table books, the dining room chandelier, coral, various decorator items, lamps, and much much more will all be available. So, if you've been eyeing the apartment thinking you'd love to have a certain item - now's the time to jump on these amazing pieces at what I think are truly reasonable prices.


Quickly to touch on shipping - everything will be priced with the appropriate shipping for insured priority mail via USPS based on weight and size, to the Continental United States ONLY. I'm sorry if you're from afar! I certainly will ship to you - just at whatever that cost will be. So, if you're out of the country, please contact me before you click the Buy it Now Button. There's really nothing I can do to keep these costs low - as they are fixed, and determined by the post office. If you are buying multiple items, please let me know, and I can always refund you the difference of the actual shipping once the things are sent to you. It's impossible for me to combine shipping prior to your purchase. We just have to wait until things are measured and weighed at the post office once they are combined. I apologize for the cost and inconvenience.

If you're local, or can be local to Buffalo, NY or the surrounding area, I am willing to have you come to the apartment to pick up the item without any shipping fee. Alright, so without further ado, let's get right into the art.


Please be 100% sure you want an item before you purchase it. There are no refunds or exchanges. All items will be insured for their purchase price. It will be the responsibility of purchaser to file insurance claim with the carrier for anything that may have unfortunately broken in transit. All items will be packaged very well when they leave the apartment. If you would like more information or photos of any of the items listed, please contact me via email, or through the contact button on the right sidebar. I will get you all I can!


As you can imagine, I've spent A LOT of time working on this. Getting photos, measurements, etc., and I've cataloged the condition of each item listed and believe this to be 100% fair and accurate. All items will ship to you clean, and in the condition that they are represented through photos and descriptions below.


Items will ship within 5-7 days of purchase. I will get them wonderfully packed and ready for safe transit to you. They will ship insured USPS mail, unless agreed upon otherwise. 

Please note: All items are not yet posted. When all items are posted, I will update this section. Please return back often, as I will be updating with new pieces daily! 

If you are attempting to buy something, but a paypal button isn't working for you. PLEASE email me, and I will fix that or let you know if the item has sold. This is an imperfect system, and I'm still trying to work out all the kinks! 

Purchased from her Solo exhibition titled "Town and County" in Canton, Ohio at Julz Gallery in 2014, these two beautiful pen and ink drawings detail the juxtaposition of her farm life and her Manhattan life.

Original Art with Frame measures: 21 1/4" Wide x 17" Tall x 3/4" Deep
Condition: Excellent; signed, dated 2014
Price: $275.00
Shipping: $25.00

Original Art with Frame measures: 15 1/2" Wide x 18 1/4" Tall x 3/4" Deep
Condition: Excellent; signed, dated 2014
Price: $250.00
Shipping: $25.00

Purchased from an antique shop in Massachusetts, this antique oil painting is painted on wood (and was sold to me as being distressed wood from the bow of a boat) and depicts a stream and forest scene. Coloring is muted, very sophisticated. Beautiful piece of outsider art. No signature. 

Original Art measures: 18 1/2" Wide x 11 1/2" Tall
Condition: Excellent of appropriate age; unsigned

This is a Russian Kazak rug with a traditional prayer pattern, in rich red base, cream and tan, and deep navy. The threads at either end of the rug were shortened prior to my purchase. This rug was purchased at an auction in Connecticut, and was in my kitchen. 

Rug measures: 34" Wide x 57" Long
Condition: Excellent of appropriate age; unmarked
Price: $295.00
Shipping: $40.00

Gorgeous little Chinoiserie plant holder. Scenes on all four sides, small hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage. 

Pot Measures: 4 1/2" Tall x 4" Wide at top, Square
Condition: Excellent; unmarked
Price: $27.00
Shipping: $12.00

Stunning Chinoiserie plate, suitable for serving or for display (hanging on a wall). Scene depicts a peacock and oriental garden, edges are scalloped along the entire circumference of the the piece.

Plate Measures: 10" Diameter, 1 1/2" Deep
Condition: Excellent; unmarked

Carrara Marble Wine Chiller/Holder. Found this lovely vintage Carrara Marble Wine Chiller. I bought this at the Brimfield Antique market. I know you can find these little beauties new at places like Crate and Barrel, but the vintage ones have so much charm! Place in the freezer and the cool marble will keep wine chilled, or leave on your bar for a beautiful bar piece. Could also be a utensil crock in the kitchen or office, or a beautiful piece of interest in a bookshelf or cabinet.

Holder Measures: 6" Tall x 4 1/2" Diameter (14" in Circumference)
Condition: Vintage, Excellent
Price: $44.00
Shipping: $17.00

Print of a larger mixed media on paper piece titled: Cigar Aficionado by Pablo (undetectable) showing a large man in a suit with cigar, family ring, and scotch. Very beautiful piece of art that I had hanging against the brown and white stripe walls of my bedroom, perfect for just about anywhere. Muddy sepia tones. Signature in red ink, dated 2000.

Print with Frame measures: 11 1/2" Wide x 15" Tall x 1" Deep
Condition: Excellent, with hanging wire intact

Lot of 5 small Japanese import, Chinoiserie plates. I used these as coasters, but you could use them for a myriad of tasks: soap dish, gifts, candy dish, bedside trinket/change/jewelry holder, possibilities are endless. 

Each plate measures: 4.75" Diameter
Condition: Excellent, each signed on bottom

Bone inlay box, square with a towering lid. Very wonderful for display, and for storage. You may remember this from my coffee table, atop books! Would be a great fit anywhere! 

Box measures: 8" Square, 6.5" Tall Overall
Condition: Excellent

Ralph Lauren Genevieve Hurricane. Still for sale on their site, here, for $595.00 plus shipping. Made in Italy. Handwash only. Excellent, new condition. 

Hurricane measures: 9 1/2" Diameter, 15 1/2" Tall 
Condition: Excellent
Price: $200.00
Shipping: $30.00

Beautiful pair of Chinoiserie hand painted bud vases, matched pair. Excellent condition. Beautiful lotus pattern. Could also be used as candle holders. 

Each measures: 7.5" Total Height, 3.5" Wide at the Widest Center 
Condition: Excellent, unmarked
Price: $30.00 for the pair 
Shipping: $12.00

Large, beautiful Chinoiserie flower vase with hexagonal faceted sides. Each scene is represented twice, one scene of birds, one scene of oriental garden, and one scene of a geisha in traditional bride wardrobe.

Vase measures:  14" Tall x 7.5" Wide at Widest Point (Mouth 5" Wide)
Condition: Excellent, unmarked
Price: $100.00
Shipping: $20.00

Another scalloped edge plate, this time with 8 scenes floating atop the pattern with a floral center and perimeter. Really lovely, hand painted and in excellent condition.

Plate Measures: 11" Diameter, 1.5" Deep
Condition: Excellent
Price: $50.00
Shipping: $12.00

If you've followed along with the blog for any period of time, you know that I have a hard time passing up anything brass, french, or ornate. So when I happened upon this trifecta, I was NOT going to pass it up! I used it mostly for styling, there's a similar one that you may remember from Brooke Giannetti's book: Patina Style, shown in photo below. (Actual in first photo.)

Piece Measures: 7 1/2" Long
Condition: Excellent, Antique - Aged/Tarnished
Price: $45.00
Shipping: $13.50

Purchased from an art broker in Ohio, this beautiful print is signed and numbered by the artist, James A. Rome, #19/35. I believe this to be a lithograph of an original etching. Frame has minor condition scars, but only cosmetic. Excellent shape overall. 

Signed / Numbered  Print Measures: 17 3/4" Wide x 21" Tall x 1/2" Deep
Condition: Excellent, no hanging wire, paper on back of frame torn
Price: $175.00
Shipping: $25.00

Framed through Granville Gallery in Chicago, this is a litho numbered and signed by artist, of an original graphite and lead pencil work titled "Dancers". Numbered 6 of 15. Framed with TruGuard UV Protective glass. Artist C. Rogers, dated 1963.

Signed / Numbered Print Measures: 25 1/4" Wide x 21 1/4" Tall x 1/2" Deep
Condition: Excellent, hanging wire in tact
Price: $235.00
Shipping: $35.00

Beautiful piece of antique Chinoiserie blue and white porcelain. This handpainted cup features koi at play, and is perfect for styling a bar (I used it for stirrers) or tucking into a shelf, using for an office desk accessory - endless potential. 

Cup Measures: 2 3/4" Wide x 2 1/2" Tall
Condition: Excellent

Another beautiful trinket dish, or you could use for serving. Large Chinoiserie blue and white porcelain bowl with geometric and floral/rice patterns. 

Bowl Measures: 8" Across x 3 1/4" Deep
Condition: Excellent, no chips or scars, marked on the bottom
Price: $32.00
Shipping: $14.25

This is a stunning, original and signed photograph, depicting a morning mountain landscape and a soft pink sky. Muddled grays and a beautiful frame, one gorgeous piece of art. 

 Framed Photograph Measures: 15 1/2" Wide x 18" Tall x 1" Deep
Condition: Excellent, with hanging wire

Small octagonal trinket box with a lid. Piece is marked on the interior of the lid, perfect coffee table accessory! 

Trinket Box Measures: 6" Wide x 6" Tall x 2.5" Deep
Condition: Excellent, lid marked on under side

A pair of French wicker wine baskets, or corrals. These are so beautiful set up on a bar, and make for wonderful wine containers. You could also use them for a variety of other tasks - kitchen utencil crockery, or even planters like Mark D. Sikes did in a photo below. (Actual baskets in first photo.)

Each Basket measures: 5.5" Tall x 5" Wide at Mouth x 3.5" Wide at Base
Condition: Excellent
Price: $25.00 / pair
Shipping: $10.00

Beautiful, large handmade bamboo serving tray with handles. This is a great set up for bars, and for entertaining year round. Lovely piece. 

Tray Measures: 13" Wide x 24 1/2" Long with Handles
Condition: Excellent
Price: $40.00
Shipping: $18.00

This is a stunning photo from a local Buffalo, NY photographer, Greg Anzalone. Unsigned. Beautifully framed. Black and White photo of an antique steam engine train that passed through Buffalo, NY.

Photo Measures: 16 1/4" Wide x 13" Tall x 1 1/4" Deep
Condition: Excellent, hanging wire in tact
This very large Chinoiserie plate is one I'm pretty sad to see go, but I know that if anyone will give it a lovely home, it will be one of my dear readers. This is an old one, which I lucked into at an antique shop in Ohio, and I paid out the nose. But, I had never seen anything so beautiful and large. In absolutely excellent condition, no chips or abrasions.  I took a photo of the bottom of this one also, just so you could see the lovely painting done on the edge. Scene depicts flowers and the traditional lotus and geometric patterns. 

Plate Measures: 14.25" Diameter, 2" Deep
Condition: Excellent

These Hu-shaped vases were a once in a lifetime find, and I am really excited to pass them on to someone who loves and collects Chinoiserie porcelains as I did/do. These large and heavy antique jars are handpainted, and a matched set. They have deer head handles, and the scenes represented on the jars are the same, with two different floral representations (lotus flower and chrysanthemum) on both sides of each jar. 

Each Vase Measures: 14.5" Tall (5.25" Wide at Mouth) (7.25" Wide at Bottom) x 34" in Circumference at widest part or about 12" wide.
Condition: Excellent
Price: $420.00 (for the pair)
Shipping: $80.00

I believe that this is the last of the lot that I purchased from a German seller online. Mounted on plaque, this is a German Roe Buck mount of good size. Natural shed, with antler loss on the left side from the shed. Pretty piece. 

Plaque Measures: 8" Tall
Tallest 12.5" Antler top to Plaque bottom point
Condition: Excellent, mounted antique
Price: $30.00
Shipping $14.00

Beautiful piece of white natural quartz on an iron stand. I used this on my dining room table for some time as an accessory piece. It then moved to the living room, and then to the den. Such a pretty piece, functional as an accessory on tables, in bookshelves, great display!

 Total overall height with the stand: 9.5" 
 Quartz measures: 5" x 5" 
 Condition: Excellent 
 Price: $50.00 
 Shipping: $14.50

Another white natural quartz piece, not mounted. Would look beautiful displayed with the other piece that is listed on the mount. I had this laying atop books on the coffee table. Great little piece of beautiful for anywhere!

Measures: 4" x 4.75"
Condition: Excellent
Price: $35.00
Shipping: $10.00

This is a stunning watercolor original painting in shades of gray on rice paper. Asian inspired, likely a portrait of a resting monk or perhaps a Chinese nobleman. Signed and dated 1958. Matted and framed. Beautiful.

Measures: 25.5" Tall x 21.5" Wide x 1.5" Deep
Condition: Excellent, signed and dated original art wire intact
Price: $225.00
Shipping: $25.00

For a long while, I collected photographs of architectural decay and decomposed city landscapes. It was just fascinating to me the pieces of history that were left to ruin. This is the last piece that I have, an original photograph, unsigned or marked, of rubble after a fire in an abandoned Catholic school in Buffalo, New York. It's a stunning and large photo, hauntingly beautiful. Framed in a Larson-Juhl Frame.

Measures: 28" Tall x 18.5" Wide x 3/4" Deep
Condition: Excellent
Price: $250.00
Shipping: $25.00

Collection of 110+ pheasant photos (including red-tipped pheasants) and tarnished silver-plate Sheridan goblet, sold together.

Goblet Measures: 6" Tall
Feathers from 4" - 17" 
Condition: Excellent (Goblet very tarnished)

Beautiful Polish glass urn/vase. Stunning really, very thin Polish glass so there's a remarkable shine to this lovely piece. Large enough for a very big arrangement. You may remember it from my original dining room photo with the lilies.

Measures: Approximately 15" High
Condition: Excellent

Large blue and white Chinoiserie porcelain bowl. Beautiful painted with the traditional double happiness symbol on the outside of the bowl, and with markings on the inside as well.

Measures: 14" Diameter, 5.5" Deep
Condition: Excellent

Piece of white coral fragment.

Measures: 9" x 9" x 4"
Condition: Good, vintage - brittle


Piece of white coral fragment.

Measures: 7.5" x 6.5" x 6" 
Condition: Good, vintage 

Piece of white coral fragment.

Measures: 7.5" x 7" x 5"
Condition: Good, very clean vintage

This is a restored original photograph, which won an award for restoration. (Documentation on back). Two Polish women praying over rosaries in Chicago on the anniversary of the German attack on Poland. Captured 1943. Restored in 1981, and given then awarded first prize in the War Bond Photograph Show sponsored by the US Treasury Dept. Titled "Home Front" by Al Mosse.

Measures: 19 7/8" Wide x 17" Tall x 7/8" Deep
Condition: Excellent, hanging wire in tact
Price: $300.00
Shipping: $40.00

Blue and white Chinoiserie bowl. Wonderful handpainted pattern on both the interior, and the sides. Photo of each to show the detail.

Measures: 10" Diameter x 4.5" Deep
Condition: Excellent, no scars or chips

Print from Artist, Dave Pollot. A movie parody, Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street posing as lead characters from the movie, "Pulp Fiction". Matted and framed.

Measures: 18 1/4" Wide x 22 1/4" Tall
Condition: Excellent

Pair of framed Chinoiserie wallpaper panels. These are not hand-painted, they are machine printed. York papers, no longer being printed. Framed in gilt bamboo. Beautiful. 

Each Measure: 19" Wide x 67" Tall
Condition: (Left side has slight bow in the frame, pulling away from the wall about 1")
Right, excellent. Gorgeous as a pair. 
Price: $475.00
Shipping: $50.00

Gorgeous white marble and ornate brass candlestick. This works with most modern glass hurricane shades, I unfortunately can't sell with the glass hurricane I have, as it would never make it in shipping. If you're picking up locally, you are very welcome to it at the same price. Otherwise, for those of you purchasing from afar, they are easy to source, but it could definitely be used without. Holds either a 1 taper, or 1 pillar candle. 

Measures: 5.5" Square at Base x 18.5" Tall
Condition: Excellent, some tarnish to the brass
Price: $100.00
Shipping: $20.00

Abstract oil and mixed media painting in soft ochres and high gloss black framed in antique gilt frame with black velvet ridge. Unique and muted.

Measures: 21.75" Wide x 17.75" Tall x 1.75" Deep
Condition: Excellent, unsigned

One of my most favorite blue and white Chinoiserie pieces. This is a HUGE vase, with foo dog dragons and other handpainted markings. A large and gorgeous statement piece in any room! 

Measures: 16" Tall x 8.75" Diameter at Top
Condition: Excellent, Antique

This is an original one print photo, signed on back and dated 1973, depicting the Greek Evzone Army, a historical and elite light infantry unit, and Presidential Guard, as they ceremoniously guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Amazing piece of foreign art.

Measures: 18.25" Tall x 14.25" Wide x 1" Deep
Condition: Excellent
Price: $115.00
Shipping: $20.00

James A. Rome is a highly regarded and respected painter and artist, dealing with western peoples and landcapes. This original, signed oil of three Buffalo really appealed to me because I live in Buffalo. But, it's time it find a new loving home. Framed beautifully in a burlwood and black frame with a natural linen matte. 

Measures: 14" Wide x 12" Tall
Painting is 9.5" x 7.5"
Condition: Great, small water mark on the left side of the linen border
Price: $300.00
Shipping: $20.00

A gorgeous pair of temple jars. These depict children at play, same scene on each. Sold as a pair. Hand painted with Foo Dogs on the lid. Gorgeous antique pieces, with a lot of beautiful patina. Nicely aged. 

Each Measure: 18.5" Tall x 10" Wide (approximately)
Conditional: Excellent, Antique
Price: $525.00/pair
Shipping: $65.00 (ships in two boxes)

I found this little trinket dish in NYC, and had to have it. As if you didn't know what the plate was for, it has painted and gold leafed lettering to tell ya! hehehe. Beautiful blue, from Studio C. 

Measures: 6" x 4" 
Condition: Excellent
Price: $25.00
Shipping: $10.00

I found this engraving at an antique store in downtown Buffalo, and bought it to hang on the gallery wall that I had in my bedroom on the striped walls. It depicts two Tympanistes, et Tubicen Persia. Which loosely translates to Trumpeters and Drummers of the Persia Campaign. The original image was painted by Francois Chaveau (1613-1676). Beautifully framed in a gilt frame, and double matte.

Measures: 18.5" Tall x 16.25" Wide x 1" Deep
Condition: Excellent, hanging wire in tact
Price: $180.00
Shipping: $22.00

Original painting of an Autumnal mountain landscape, framed in a silver/blue wood frame with a black velvet matte. It is titled "Autumn Splendor" signed D'yans. I believe that this is oil, on canvas board.

Measures: 17" Tall x 14 3/4" Wide x 2" Deep
Condition: Excellent, original art with hanging wire in tact
Price: $150.00
Shipping: 20.00